Know Why Incorporating Sesame Seeds In Your Diet Will Prove Beneficial

Posted by Admin on January, 03, 2022

Indian winters are correlated with sesame seeds. Sesame seeds have been looked up as a winter superfood since time unknown. In India, winters are incomplete without sesame seeds, given the variety of dishes one can whip up with it; starting from til ke laddoo to gajak and more such interesting cuisines. Sesame seeds have been looked up in Ayurveda because of their power to birth both heat and energy inside human bodies.

Thanks to the nutrition-packed inside sesame seeds, they are a winter must-have. If you aren’t convinced, here are some more reasons to add sesame seeds to your diet from now on.

Convincing Reasons To Add Sesame Seeds

Sesame Seeds Can Encourage Hair Growth
Are you suffering from a massive hair loss? Stock up on sesame seeds from sesame seeds wholesalers. They prove wonders in strengthening your hair roots. Furthermore, the seeds are also packed with omega fatty acids which not only results in hair growth but also helps in restoring the damage caused to your hair from pollution, dandruff, and other such factors.

Sesame Seeds Are Rich in Anti-Ageing Properties
Sesame seeds are loaded with anti-aging properties which slow down the aging process drastically and render you firmer and radiant skin.

Sesame Seeds Can Promote Your Skin Health
The oil inside of the sesame seeds that you buy from sesame seeds wholesalers can prove miraculous for your skin. The oil from the sesame seeds can assist in preserving the softness of your skin. Thanks to the anti-inflammatory properties present in the sesame seeds, they can also prove good in curing the redness of your skin.

Sesame Seeds Can Improve Your Dental Health
The powerful and highly effective oil inside the sesame seeds has been proved to eliminate dental plaque and promoting your overall dental health.

Sesame Seeds Are Known to Assist in Better Digestion
The black sesame seeds available in the market can help you in getting rid of constipation, thanks to the high dosage of fibre followed by unsaturated fatty acid content present in it. Your intestines can be lubricated with the oil present inside the sesame seeds. However, the fibre content in the seed’s aids in seamless bowel movements.

Sesame Seeds Are the Most Unique Source of Energy
Sesame seeds are a wonderful energy source, courtesy of their high energy and fat content. The seeds boost healthy fats like Omega-6 and polyunsaturated fatty acids besides phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, iron, and fibre.

Sesame Seeds Keep Your Blood Pressure in Control
The sesame seeds are loaded with magnesium which helps in steering away hypertension. The polyunsaturated fats in the sesame seeds are great in controlling your blood pressure and keeping them normal.

Sesame Seeds Maintain A Good Bone Health
As we all know, the bone mass comes down gradually as we age and after menopause, bone loss is more common in women than in men. The sesame seeds being rich in zinc and calcium can preserve the strength of your bone and keep them strong.

Sesame seeds are an essential aspect of Indian cuisines and have been in use for ages. The sesame seeds exporters are in high demand especially during the winters, when people prefer to have them for their warming characteristics. A large variety of dishes are made with til, like Til Pitha, Til Gajak, Tik Ka Laddoo, etc.

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