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Agro Seeds

Poppy Seeds

Cultivated from the opium poppy, poppy seeds are tiny, kidney shaped seeds that are widely used for preparing cakes, pastries, traditional dishes, etc. The oil obtained from the poppy seeds is used for making soaps, varnish, and paint in the commercial space. Poppy seeds are rich in nutrients, fiber, the antioxidant, and an ideal source of magnesium. These are known for boosting heart and skin health, enhance fertility, aid digestion, etc. Established in the year 2012, Super Food has vast experience as a Poppy Seeds Suppliers in the country. Our company believes in maintaining the highest standards of food safety to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. Our products are of excellent quality and reasonably priced.

As thriving Poppy Seeds Exporters in India, we follow ethical business practices and provide timely delivery of orders in any part of the world. Our company is committed to providing value-added service with our efficient product quality and 24/7 customer support services to our clients.


Quinoa Seeds

Quinoa is an active member of the amaranth family. Quinoa Seeds are edible. In a recent study, Scientists stated that consumption of a bowl of Quinoa extends lifespan by condemning risks of early death. It has been scientifically proven that Quinoa has more nutritional value than rice. Quinoa also is used in ensuring the thick textures of the soup. At times, it can be eaten as a side dish. Even though it is not a grain, it is practically taken under consideration as a whole grain.

Super Foods is one of the trusted Quinoa Seeds Exporters in the Jalore district of Rajasthan. We supply a variety of seeds of high quality. Our company puts forward the provision of quality tests to keep a check on the quality of products. We have great fame in Rajasthan as Quinoa Seeds Wholesaler and supplier. Contact us for availing of the best seeds at affordable rates.


  • Black Quinoa Seeds

    Style : Dried

    Feature : Gluten Free

    Country of Origin : India

    Speciality : High in Protein

    Iron : 5 mg Per 100 g

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    Black Quinoa Seeds

  • Red Quinoa Seeds

    Feature : Gluten Free

    Packaging Type : Plastic Bag

    Moisture : 12%

    Storage Instruction : Cool And Dry Place

    Cuisine : Indian

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    Red Quinoa Seeds

  • White Quinoa Seeds

    Packaging Type : Plastic Bag

    Packaging Size : 300-500 Gm

    Energy : 367.8 Calories (per 100 g)

    Iron : 5 mg Per 100 g

    Fiber : 7g/ 100 g

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    White Quinoa Seeds

Sesame Seeds

Sesame seeds are available in a vast variety of colors and are primarily grown in Asia. The cultivation of sesame seeds dates backs a thousand years. These seeds are rich in macrominerals and vital for cell functioning, the immune system, etc of the body. Sesame seeds are very versatile in their culinary use, these can be added to rice dishes, salads, vegetables, etc. sesame seeds can also be used in baked items to add a crunchy flavor. Super Food is a Rajasthan based company, is a well –established Sesame Seeds Wholesalers in the country. We are a company that is responsive to our client's needs and is continuously evolving with time to meet the ever-changing demands of our customers.

We are a renowned Sesame Seeds Exporters in the country and are offering different packaging for our product. Our product range caters to the various needs of our esteemed clientele. We believe in building up our market share through our emphasis on customer satisfaction. Our happy customer feedbacks are a reflection of our sound services and excellent customer- care support amongst our esteemed clientele.


Chia Seeds

Super foods stand out as one of the most efficient Chia Seeds Exporters in Rajasthan, India. Having its location in the Jalore district of Rajasthan, our company believes in supplying superior quality products which are fresh and non-chemical. Our main agenda is to work following the demand and necessity of our clients. In Rajasthan, our company has acquired a respectable position and concerning this fact, we aim to be the best Chia Seeds Suppliers in India of all time.


  • Black Chia Seeds

    Style : Dried

    Cultivation Type : Organic

    Shelf Life : 6months

    Color : Black

    Packaging Size : 1kg, 5kg

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    Black Chia Seeds

  • Brown Chia Seeds

    Energy : 486 Calories (per 100 g)

    Protein : 16.5 g (per 100 g)

    Calcium : 631 mg/100 g

    Iron : 7.7 mg (per 100 g)

    Potassium : 407 mg per 100 g

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    Brown Chia Seeds

Other Agro Seeds

  • Flax Seeds

    Vitamin C (mg) : 0.6

    Potassium per 813 mg : 23%

    Sodium per 30 mg : 1%

    Saturated fat per 3.7 g : 18%

    Protein per 18 g : 36%

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    Flax Seeds

  • Hemp Seeds

    Carbohydrates : 2g

    Sugar : 0.1g

    Fat : 31g

    Saturates : 3.1g

    Mono-unsaturated fats : 1.9g

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    Hemp Seeds

  • Pumpkin Seeds

    Certification : FSSAI

    Cultivation Type : Organic

    Shelf Life : 1year

    Feature : Gluten Free, Healthy, Hybrid

    Packaging Type : Plastic Packets

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    Pumpkin Seeds

  • Sunflower Seeds

    Days to 50% Flo : 48-52

    Pack Size : 5 kg

    Pack Type : Packet

    Calcium : 7%

    Iron : 29%

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    Sunflower Seeds

  • Alfalfa Seeds

    Style : Dried

    Shelf Life : 6Months

    Feature : Healthy, Improves Digestion

    Drying Process : Natural

    Country of Origin : India

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    Alfalfa Seeds

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